Print works on silk that combine the processes of contemporary analogue photography and carefully constructed prints.

The print designing process is unique, the collections start with photographs and are then constructed into the print designs. Designing fractals from architecture and landscapes to create impossible structures and hallucinogenic patterns. With an aesthetic that lies between the romantic and the gothic, creating beautiful and yet often somewhat unsettling imagery. Each collection is based on a concept and created with craftsmanship, using the finest digital printing and hand finished with the couture technique of hand rolling.



Collaboration with Hermes 2015. Print design 'Les Ateliers Miroirs' created from commissioned photographic project. 


creative archives

Gemma Land (co-founder) was selected for the Creative Archives Award in 2010 for her photographic print work entitled “Bourgeois Utopias”. They produced her first silk scarf collection which was launched at London and Paris Fashion week. They were a huge success the limited edition collection sold out on and Luisa Via Roma, the scarves were pick of the month in Russian Vogue Online and received press coverage in Dazed Digital, AnOther, Huffington Post, InDesign, and various blogs.


new era xc competition

Gemma Land (co-founder) was one of the selected artists to customise a New Era cap for their XC competition, which resulted in a touring exhibition and collector’s edition book. My design ‘The Lost Views of Space City’ features a 1960’s modernist housing development in London, UK which was in the middle of being demolished.


City of stone

Land travelled to Vienna Austria to create this limited edition collection, she focused on the details and facades of the traditional architecture. She then turned her camera to the graffiti walls located across the city to create a collection that references the classic and contemporary Vienna.



The Sublime collection is made from visits to a forest at twilight in Norfolk England and the snow-capped mountains in Switzerland. The collection is inspired by the notion of the artist capturing the sublime in nature.


strawberry hill

The prints are a series of monochrome and colour prints of London’s much-loved Strawberry Hill House. It was the former home of Horace Walpole, who was a MP, Art collector and one of the first Gothic Novelists. His home was extended and built by masons; it was one of the first Gothic revival residences and has influenced the design of residential architecture. It was also the inspiration for Walpole’s Gothic novel; The Castle of Otranto that later inspired writers such as Mary Shelley and Edger Allen Poe.