We are able to conceptualise branding identities for companies and organisations that will reflect core values and personality. Providing an extensive range of promotional materials to meet your branding needs.

Final Art.Number23 Logo - Light Font -  Fixed Area.jpg
Final Art.Number23 Logo - Light Font -  Fixed Area - Circle.jpg

Art.Number23 – London, U.K

A signature logo for an up-and-coming London-based arts company, specialising in international art curation and arts sales. We created this logo following on from their original logo design, keeping a few fundamental identifying elements whilst giving the logo a fresh, minimalistic and contemporary revamp. Within this logo we’ve added a playful and conceptual twist referencing the notion that Art.Number23 are internationally traveling exhibitors, if you study the logo from the side you can see it looks similar to an artist’s portfolio, expressing the ideas of travel and showcasing new artists internationally.


Woman Figure Minimal.jpg
Fragility of Self - Visual Artist - Woman’s Figure Minimal - Fixed Area.jpg

Fragility of Self - Visual Artist - Logo

A beautiful yet elegant logo created for a U.K artist, the form underlines the subject of her work while the minimal structure of text offers a level of formality that offers a level of business professionalism as an artist.



Logo created for a start-up brand in interior design products and upholstery services. They wanted something iconic that reflected the services they provide, whilst also being minimal and modern to reflect their contemporary style. 

Pankow Creatives Logo - Black and White - Fixed Area.jpg
Pankow Creatives Logo - White and Black - Fixed Area.jpg


We at PANKOW CREATIVES wanted a fresh, clean and contemporary look to our own personal identity. We have utilised the simplicity of text and the minimalistic nature of linear graphics, emphasising that we a young upcoming design company with a contemporary vision and strong creative values. 

Ravinder Surah Visual Artist Logo Triangle.jpg
Ravinder Surah Visual Artist Logo - Circle.jpg


Created by and for one of our Co-Founders, a collaborative logo by PANKOW CREATIVES encompassing elements of power, this linear graphic accentuates the artist’s personal preference towards graphic design aesthetics but also creates ambiguity towards his own visual presence as an artist.



A playful and minimal logo design created as an exercise brief for an independent architectural start-up. Branding includes the logo placement on books, and within a business card and compliments slip intended for the business and corporate sector.



Logo designed for Nottingham's Creative Quarter design competition for the Big House project.