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Co-Founded by Award-Winning Artists Gemma Land and Ravinder Surah.

We at PANKOW CREATIVES have a long standing relationship through the love of art, one of our first endeavours as a creative partnership bloomed while exhibiting, assisting and creating promotional materials for the Art.Number23 ‘Stimulus’ exhibition at the Greenhouse, Berlin, Germany. This is where the word ‘Pankow’ (the second largest borough residing within the city of Berlin) comes from, we adopted this name while considering a title for our company, since then we’ve had a mutual love for Berlin thus the word Pankow was used for our company and our creative business had begun.

Our company prides itself within the creative industries, fashioning an array of well-designed packages and services such as: Art Direction, Production, Branding, Exhibitions, Graphics, Illustration, Photography and Publishing, all tailored to suit your professional needs.

As an artist-led company we are able to draw upon our artistic practices, providing our clients with a thoughtful and unique approach, providing our clients with strong concepts and visually alluring designs. Our extensive knowledge and expertise of visual language allow us to enable our clients to express their creative currency, via the utilisation of our creative practice.

We offer a free consultation on all our services, enabling our clients to avail a piece of mind and the upmost benefit from our creative intuition.